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New Role, New Location

I recently started a new role as Dev Manager for the Bing Index Serve team at Microsoft. It’s a very exciting opportunity — Bing is gaining tremendous traction and the Index Serve dev team is packed with smart, talented, and dedicated engineers. In addition, the role is a great fit with my skills and experience and also positions me to have a big impact.

I am commuting back and forth between San Francisco and Bellevue WA for a couple months until my family is ready to relocate permanently. I will certainly miss the Bay Area — which has been my home for the past 22 years — and the many friends, colleagues, collaborators and co-conspirators that have made San Francisco such a fun and rewarding place to play and work. However, the Seattle area is not so far off and I am already starting to experience some of the great things that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

I am hoping to do some regular blogging here… We’ll see how that pans out.